The Hammerhead Horns are a quartet of old friends who convene

to performold-timey blues, ragtime and honkytonk with Piano,

Drums, Trumpet and trombone. Heartfelt vocals supplemented by

infectious rhythms, stellar soloing, plunger mutes, tuba and

kitchen spoons all served up in a cabaret-style presentation.

Eclectic, unique and engaging, the HHH covers material by legends

 like Ray Charles, Tom Waites, Willie Dixon, Alan Toussaint and Chuck

Berryto name but a few.  Great for listening, wonderful for sing-a-

longs and, if you should so choose, magnificent for imbibing and


The Hammerhead Horns 

Mike Kelley – Piano/Vocals 

Leslie Barkman-Vocals

Bob Button – Trumpet, Plunger/Vocals 

Jeff Roberts – Trombone, Plunger/Vocals 

Bob Assini – Drums, Percussion and Spoons