The Hammerhead Horns are a five piece group that plays old-time barrelhouse blues, ragtime, New Orleans, swing, R&B, torch ballads, and gospel. They cover all the best stuff from the 1920s through the 1960s, doing everything from W.C. Handy to Billie Holiday to Ray Charles. In addition to this wonderful catalog of songs they include some of their own compositions that fit right in stylistically.

The four guys, who have a long musical history, got together to do a one time performance in the fall of 2021. They had so much fun they decided to keep it going. Not long after they added the gal and that took things to new level.

Things are going well for the group. Their goal is to have a good time making music they love and providing a good time to all who are listening. And dancing!

The Hammerhead Horns are:

Mike Kelley - Vocal, piano, some ukuleleĀ 

Bob Assini - Cocktail drums, spoons

Leslie Barkman - Vocal, some piano

Bob Button - Cornet, vocal

Jeff Roberts - Trombone, tuba